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  Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 2, 2012 4:07pm-4:14pm EST

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>>neil: thank you, john roberts in las vegas. and now donald trump first interview since making that, so many a stunning surprise announcement. welcome, donald, good to have you back. >>guest: thank you very much, neil. >>neil: everyone thought it was going to be newt gingrich, what happened? >>guest: well, i liked newt very were but over the course of the last number of months i have eastbound mitt and i have seen what is going on and i see his stand toward china and opec and others and i like it a lot. i am a big strong believer in the fact that china is draining our wealth and opec is bringing a problem for our country and mitt has stepped up more than anyone else on those issues. >>neil: have you ruled, out, then, a presidential run for yourself because of this today? >>guest: certainly if mitt gets the nomination and he runs i would not be running. i cannot endorse someone and say, by the way i am endorsing someone but i will run.
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if for some reason something happened it and is open season after the show is finished, but i don't see that happening. and we had an amazing day today. an amazing turn out. and i represent millions of people that tired of seeing this country ripped off. and that is what it is all about. >>neil: he was not, that; mitt romney, among those, i don't ... he didn't suck up to you. in other words, he admired and spoke highly of you, when you were planning the debate with the presidential candidates and newt gingrich said yes and rick santorum said yes and mitt romney took a pass. he was very respectful, and called you, and you took the calm and you were respectful about his respectful call to you but in the end he gets the trump brass ring. it is weird. >>guest: he called and i could have talked him into doing it the he said he would prefer, he was leading not polls and he had a lot to lose and he did say what he would prefer, but i
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think he would have done it if i put the pressure on and he decided, and we both decided it was findings he was very respectful and that is not what it is about. it is really about who will do a great job, and i think that he will do really well. i loved his performance in the last two debates, i thought they were great if he performs that way he will beat obama very decisively in the debate and, i think, the election. >>neil: back to newt gingrich because today when he heard this news he seemed flabbergasted. >> i am watching in amazement. >> why? >> because some people have this knack of gathering the country. >>neil: some people have a knack of gathering attention. >> well i have always had the knack of getting attention and i don't do it myself, for some ron you will have to ask, you called me, neil, i didn't call you. you wanted me on. >>neil: you are absolutely right. you are right.
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>> and i can say 10,000 other reporters the same thing. >>neil: i don't care about his take on this he was ticked off and he seemed piqued. >>guest: i can understand it i like him and i do respect him and he is a member of my club in washington, and he is a good guy. but i do think that mitt romney who is also somebody that i like and respect and i have said that, also, from the beginning, that he will do very well against obama. >>neil: what happens, now, we are going do get in this later with my buddy charles payne about the comments romney made about the poor, he doesn't worry about them and he worried about the middle class and supporters say he didn't present the argument that, clearly, that he looks like an elite it snob. what do you thick 1/2? >>guest: it was unfair reporting because if you let the sentence goes on for three seconds it explained perfectly so i think the reporting was really urge fair that and the fire word where he wanted to
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fire insurance companies but they cut it off before he gets to the word "insurance companies," that was very, very unfair reporting and i am surprised that you would even say it but, if you listen to his statement, he also said, and he is going to protect temperature, and they don't let the sentence go on, they just take the first part of the sentence, so, i think that it is very, very unfair reporting. >>neil: maybe so but i am not the only one reporting, and charles krauthammer and other, conservative and others have said that he just has trouble connecting on this issue and showing, i guess, the compassionate side of conservativeness. if you advised him on how to make a convincing art for capitalism, that can touch everything, what would it be? >>guest: well, first of all, i think over the last month it has been someone that really has come a long way in terms of what let is doing and i think she doing a great job and i think
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the last two debates have been absolutely fantastic for him and his explanations of everything including capitalism have been great. >>neil: what about his views on china? he commended you for the in your face position, to quit playing games but i can't picture him taking the same approach that you would take, that he might have a more diplomatic way of dealing with it and donald trump would not like it. >>guest: i think he is taking a tough stance on china and he knows they are ripping off our country, he knows opec is laughing at us and he is taking a tough stance on china and opec and others the toughest i have seen and one of the reasons i decided to do what i did today, neil. >>neil: the attitude you get from people these days would look at this event and then, say, well, maybe it is not just that trump is hooking up with a guy that looks like he is off to
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the races, but everyone goes in and says, what is trump getting out of this? your book is doing fine? apprentice is doing fine so they say what does he get out of this. what do say? >>guest: only one thing i want to see this country great again. we are not great now. we are being laughed at. we are not great anymore. in two or three years china will supplant us in terms of an economic power and i get one thing: if the right person gets in, this country becomes great again. that is all i get. >>neil: when the white house dismisses it out of hand, what do you say? >>guest: well, you know that i get to obama and i think obama understands that i understand him better than most and i think that frankly i called obama very correctly for a number of years and of course they could have sloughed anything off. why wouldn't they?
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they cannot stand up and say this is a terrible day. no. but they understand this was a very important endorsement and some people say it was the most important endorsement. let's see what happened. >> it gave him a boost at the